What is Upstocked? 

We find and launch the latest cutting-edge products that help and improve different lifestyles around the world. 

Bringing you the latest released products and technology you won’t find anywhere else.

New brands and products can’t always be trusted online, without any reputation customers will never know if and when these products will reach their door. 

Upstocked bridges the gap - we find the products and brands, bring them to our facility and ship each order with our guarantees and trusted support team.

How do you find your products?  

We have a dedicated team that looks and finds inventors, brands and creators all over the world with products that are looking to make an impact on unique problem or lifestyle. 

Once we locate a new idea, product or brand we want to work with, we help develop and manufacture their product. We create 500 units, bring it to our facility and launch the product! 

Why do you only launch 500 units?

We only create and ship 500 units to reward early adopters to the latest products that have never been seen before at their lowest prices. 

After the Upstocked launch, brands take the generated revenue to create more units and scale on their own, with increased prices

500 units is the perfect starting amount to balance manufacturing and development costs.

Do products come back in stock?

Some brands opt to keep 100-200 units in stock to reward Upstocked customers during the holiday seasons.

How do you handle orders?

We bring all products to our facility so we can control the orders of all our customers. We strive to bring the latest and greatest products to the market first, while maintaining our shipping and support guarantees.

Upstocked vs Indiegogo & Kickstarter? 

Upstocked finds and helps develops products much like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, the latest in tech, innovation that helps those looking to improve their unique lifestyles.

However unlike Indiegogo & Kickstarter, Upstocked stores, ships and fulfills all orders from all brands, with our 100% Customer satisfaction team.

We noticed that hundreds of customers were getting scammed from products on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, as each brand is responsible for their own fulfilment and support - but often times cannot keep their promises.

We bridge the gap from inventors and consumers solving that exact problem. If you order from Upstocked, you will be receiving your product timely, with full customer support behind you.

Where can I get order support?

Our customer support team can be accessed at this link: Upstocked.ca/help

We offer 30-day hassle-free returns, with our full email support - a response in under 24 hours.

I have a cool idea, how can I launch with Upstocked? 

If you have a new idea, product or brand that you would like to launch with upstocked, email idea@upstocked.ca with your information.

We will schedule a call with our dedicated entrepreneur team and take it from there. Thank you for pushing our community forward!