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What We Offer

24/7 Customer Support - When working with Upstocked, customer satisfaction is our main priority on top of a successful launch for your brand. We value customers and ensure that everything is perfect with their order and they have no concerns. Furthermore, we have a built a customer support staff that will directly work for your idea to make sure everything is running smoothly whether that's help with an order or making sure customers are satisfied. Therefore, you won't have to spend extra money on email support or have to stress about customers being unhappy. 

Fulfillment - Unlike Indiegogo and Kickstarter we prioritize shipping  speed. These websites often leave the customers hanging for months before they  receive any kind of product. At Upstocked we will hold 500 units of inventory that you send to us so that we can ship it out on time (average shipping times below). In addition, the Upstocked community is important to us so you'll never have to worry about your products not being shipped because we handle it for you. 


Shipping Times:

  • Canada: 8-15 business days 
  • United States: 6-10  business days 
  • UK/Most EU: 6-8  business days 
  • Ireland/Bulgaria/Croatia/Hungary/Latvia/Finland/Estonia/Lithuania/Malta/Portugal/Romania/Slovakia/Slovenia: 8 -12  business days  
  • Brazil: 10-20 business days

Marketing and Advertising - Similar to fulfillment, we do it for you. At Upstocked we have built a community that can subscribe to certain niches. Once your campaign is launched, we instantly update our customers and integrate your brand into our algorithm. Furthermore, this makes your campaign show up to  our community so you won't have to worry about it. In addition, we have a targeted database and community that will have interest in your product. We got you covered!

Why only 500 units? - We are simply a helping hand so that you can blow up your idea!

We only ship 500 units to reward early adopters to the latest products that have never been seen before at their lowest prices. 

After the Upstocked launch, brands take the generated revenue to create more units and scale on their own, with increased prices

500 units is the perfect starting amount to balance manufacturing and development costs.

How does Upstocked benefit - Upstocked takes 5% of revenue generated when using our platform. Our main focus is building a community and 5% allows you to have enough revenue to scale once your Upstocked campaign finishes and this way we both benefit. Furthermore, you can use your profit to help with production/manufacturing or even marketing, we would just like to be an aid to your success. 

Why pick Upstocked over Indiegogo and Kickstarter - Indiegogo and Kickstarter don't stay true to their goals. For example, don't ship products for months after customers purchase and they make you create your own payment processing account. We automatically create an account for you and pay you to ensure there are no cashflow issues. They also don't have a Paypal payment method incorporated which can drop conversions up to 30%. We take care of payment processing and are focused on helping your brand build a name unlike Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Furthermore, all of their flaws are starting to build a negative stigma around their name. Although it may not seem like it from the outside, starting a campaign with those platforms can be a daunting journey. At Upstocked we prioritize communication with our entrepreneurs. We'll have a team member update you in intervals so you'll always know what's going on. There will also be a representative to speak to if you need any help or have questions once you have launched and will have direct access to our internal team. 

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